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+ Any Harry Potter pairing, rating, genre.

+ All stories must be surrounded around a coffee house.

+ Any piece longer than 100 words and all art should be under a cut as well. If you do not know how to code a cut, please see information here.

+ No flaming or dissing anyone and/or their work. If you want to squee over a submission, you're strongly encouraged to do so. Negative reviews, however, do not belong here. This means no character bashing, either.

+ Please don't repost anyone's art, graphic, fic, etc., without permission. Recs are totally allowed!

+ You can post at most twice a day.

+ Failure to meet any of these rules may result in the deletion of your post(s) and in a temporary or permanent ban from this community. You may also be banned for: plagiarism, flaming other members, using ignorant and harmful slurs, ignoring the mods, and/or being an arse.

+ Use the basic tags: *het, *slash, *femmeslash, *gen, *threesome, *multi-pairing.

To post your art/fic, please use this format:

To make a art/fic rec, please use this format:

+ We will have monthly prompts that will go up on the 1st of every month. All above rules apply to the prompts.

+ Members are allowed to combine prompts with other challenges.

+ Members are allowed to post more than one entry per month per prompt.

+ Minimum word count is 100 Words. No maximum word count requirement. Art can be any medium/format.


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